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    Need a Company To Install The Door Closer?

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    A door closer is a mechanism that prevents your door from remaining half-open or slamming shut.

    It goes at the upper part of your door and can help anyone struggling to open the door.

    These closers also prevent your doors from opening quickly.

    Many commercial facilities use door closers to secure their properties.

    While you’ve got several options for door closer, depending on their color, size, and functionality, they all serve the same purpose.

    Door Closer Types

    Door closers’ main purpose is to keep the door shut.

    Even the best locking system will be useless without a door closer that’s working properly.

    Hence, it is essential to keep the door closers in your business establishment in optimum condition.

    You also need to ensure that you’ve applied the right closer to the specific door.

    Here are the different types of door closers for your reference:

    • Traditional Door Closers
    • Concealed Door closers
    • Concealed Floor closers
    • Concealed Frame Closers
    • Modern Door Closers without a cover
    • Modern Door Closers with removable covers

    Door Closer Arms

    While understanding which closer type you should use for certain applications is important, knowing which type of door closer arm is right for your situation is equally important.

    The closer arm determines the extent of the door’s opening.

    It typically does most of the functions of your door closer.

    Below are the four major types of door closer arms:

    • Heavy-Duty arms
    • Hold-Open arms
    • Spring-stop arms
    • Dead-stop arms

    Installing Door Closer in Miami

    There are four different ways to install a door closer.

    You can mount it on the surface or concealed it in the door, frame, or floor.

    We at Smart Bolt Locksmith can make the necessary door closer installation for your business’s needs.

    Our team carries specialized tools and has the right expertise to install any type of door closer in Miami.

    You won’t have to trouble yourself with the preparation and installation process as we will take care of it for you.

    We have highly equipped locksmiths who have been through various experiences of handling and installing door closers.

    If you want to set up new concealed door closers, we can do it for your comfort and convenience.

    Rest assured that we will apply the right techniques to achieve a successful door closer installation for your commercial facility.

    We will gladly address your needs and get on the job to install a durable door closer that meets your requirements.

    No worries because our mobile locksmiths have installed and replaced hundreds of door closers.

    We have undergone ample training to deal with the installation process correctly.

    Although door closers are common in business, some residential homes also use them for the same purpose.

    Trusted Locksmith Company for Your Door Closer Installation

    If you’re planning to install a door closer for your residential or commercial property in Miami, remember to trust only professional locksmiths.

    We at Smart Bolt Locksmith are your most reliable and trusted locksmith company in Miami that can help you install any door closers accurately.

    Our professional team installs door closers in compliance with safety and security standards.

    You need not worry as we can work with various makes and models for door closers.

    Our company operates with reliability and adheres to the current security laws and regulations.

    We take care of every request professionally and make sure to put our clients’ safety at the top of our priorities.

    Rest assured that we won’t cause any damages to your property while performing door closer installation.

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    Installing a door closer can be a daunting task.

    If you want a convenient, safe, and quick door closer installation service in Miami, call us at Smart Bolt Locksmith.

    Our local technicians are highly capable of getting the job done right and fast.

    Improve your door lock system level of security by installing a door closer with the professional assistance of Smart Bolt Locksmith.

    We don’t only offer door closer installation service but also repair and maintenance.

    If you want to check your existing door closer for some damages, our well-trained locksmiths can do it for you.

    Let us know about your door closer concerns or any problems that require locksmith service.

    Our customer service staff will gladly talk to you and schedule your appointment with our professional locksmiths right away.

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