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    Did you know that most commercial establishments have a panic bar door lock for a fast escape?

    These past few years, calamities such as fire, earthquakes, and other unnecessary events taught us that safety should be our top priority.

    A panic bar door lock is vital for a quick escape on the building when an emergency occurs.

    Also, it gives more security and convenience to the people inside your establishment.

    In that way, the occupants can feel that their lives are safe if a disaster suddenly emerges.

    If you’re planning to build your own company, we recommend installing a panic bar door lock.

    At Smart Bolt Locksmith, we provide a high-quality crash bar.

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    What Do You Need To Know About Panic Bar Door Lock?

    A crash bar is a door part designed to escape fast from the doorway of any establishment.

    This type of device is far different from a usual door lock that uses a key to unlock.

    The crash bar is built to allow escape without using any handy keys or any rotary movements.

    Places such as buildings, hotels, and restaurants where many people visit should have this door type.

    That’s because if a disaster occurs and the people inside your property face a life and death situation, a quick evacuation is needed.

    That’s why you should consider installing a panic bar door lock for safety purposes.

    In operating a panic bar door, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge to open it.

    You can effortlessly push the bar to open the door if you’re in a hurry or an emergency status.

    If you’re wondering where to find this bar, you can typically locate them on the entrance doors where the fire emergency tools are located.

    You can also pinpoint them on the exit doors in the highest-density establishments.

    Contact your trusted professional locksmith if you want to install a panic bar on your property.

    What Are the Advantages Of a Panic Bar Door Lock?

    A panic bar device has a spring-loaded metal bar that is horizontally positioned through the interior side of the door. The following are the advantages of installing a panic bar door lock.

    Fast Evacuation System

    One benefit of having a panic bar is safety.

    If an emergency happens, the crowd will panic and quickly run to the nearest exit door.

    So, if you have a panic bar, they can push the bar door for a faster and easier evacuation.

    Additionally, crash bars offer extra security for your building as no intruder can enter or access the property from the outside.

    Prevents Any Injuries During Emergencies

    All property owners have the responsibility to find ways to improve the security of their facilities or buildings.

    That’s why we recommend you install a panic exit device on your property to prevent losing life in case of disaster.

    Extra Alarms

    The panic bars have extra-alarm features to prevent intruders from breaking into your establishment.

    Also, a crash bar provides a clear and powerful alarm indicator to alert the guards if an emergency emerges.

    The panic exit device is highly effective in terms of the evacuation process to ensure the safety of the people on your property.

    However, make sure that you get proper panic bar installation from a certified professional locksmith.

    24/7 Emergency Locksmith

    If you’re in a lockout situation inside your building, our mobile locksmiths are always prepared to rescue you from your property or in your house.

    Our locksmiths are available 24/7 and will arrive at your house or building without any delay.

    We have a team of professional locksmiths that has the skills and years of experience in the business.

    Additionally, if you need a panic bar to enhance the safety and security of the people inside your establishment; don’t hesitate to contact Smart Bolt Locksmith.

    We offer effective and reliable locksmith services for both residential and commercial properties.

    Let our locksmiths install the best panic exit device for your building.

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