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    Need a Lock Rekey Service?

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    Did you know that you can actually opt for changing your lock’s mechanism rather than its expensive replacement service?

    Lock rekeying alters the patterns inside the lock so that the old key can no longer unlock the system.

    You need a lock rekeying for the following instances:

    • If you feel that a stranger has your lost key
    • If you want a master key to access all your locks
    • If you break your key and a lock replacement is more expensive
    • If you are a property manager who wants to kick out an unpaying tenant

    Note that lock rekeying involves working with intricate lock mechanisms and small pins.

    So, it requires a professional locksmith for an accurate and flawless procedure.

    Here at Smart Bolt Locksmith, we can conduct detailed lock rekeying guaranteed with excellent craftsmanship.

    Our team has studied and trained for years to incorporate advanced methodologies and equipment to serve you to the best of our abilities.

    How Does Lock Rekeying Work?

    If you notice, your keys have patterns that match the tumblers or key pins.

    For a standard lock mechanism, manufacturers install five pins that have different lengths corresponding to the patterns of a key.

    In lock rekeying, a locksmith changes these tumblers or pins to match with the newly issued key.

    But in the case of high-security locks, the locksmith needs a unique set of tools and pins to rekey them.

    Lucky for you, our locksmith in Miami has the complete set of tools to rekey almost all kinds of locks.

    For high-security locks, make sure to call us first so we can prepare special and advanced equipment for lock rekeying.

    Things to Consider for Lock Rekeying

    If you think that lock rekeying is just an easy task, you’re definitely wrong.

    Since the security of your property is at stake, lock rekeying is as essential as a lock replacement, although much affordable.

    So here are some of the things to consider for lock rekeying:

    • Property Ownership

    It is okay to ask a mobile locksmith to conduct lock rekeying as long as you own the property.

    If you are a tenant, you should ask for permission first from your landlord.

    • Security Rating of Locks

    The higher the security rating of your locks, the harder it would be to rekey.

    High-security locks require special equipment, which can match the cost for a replacement or even more expensive.

    Thus, make sure to ask for a quote first from your mobile locksmith and choose the better option for you.

    • Locksmith Skills

    Lock rekeying is not an easy and DIY task.

    As mentioned, it involves working with complicated and small pins, so it requires a highly skilled locksmith.

    Furthermore, a certified mobile locksmith who comes from a well-established company can ensure faultless lock rekeying.

    Professional and Experienced Locksmiths in Miami

    Smart Bolt Locksmith is a reputable locksmith services provider in Miami.

    We have a team of professional and experienced locksmiths who know how to handle different lock mechanisms — no matter how advanced they are.

    Aside from our lock rekeying services, we are also the number one locksmith service provider for the following services:

    • Key cutting or duplication
    • Lock replacement
    • Deadbolt installation
    • Peephole installation
    • High-security locks installation
    • Lock system inspection
    • Lockout opening
    • Car unlocking
    • Transponder key programming
    • Key fob repair
    • Ignition unlocking
    • Stuck key extraction

    We provide complete and comprehensive locksmith services to residential, commercial, and car owners.

    Here at Smart Bolt Locksmith, you can ensure that your keys and locks are in the experts’ hands.

    Contact our friendly locksmiths now to know more about our services.

    24-Hour Locksmiths in Miami

    Smart Bolt Locksmith prioritizes the clients’ needs above all else.

    Our mobile locksmith in Miami works 24/7 to cater to emergency lockout situations or repair and installation services.

    No matter how small or big the concern is, we will make sure to dispatch the available locksmith at your most convenient time.

    Also, don’t worry about the rates since we can give a detailed quote for our services after inspection.

    We are the most trusted locksmith company in Miami because of our affordable, excellent, and quick locksmith services.

    After your call, we promise to arrive as soon as possible.

    Connect with us and book your appointment now.

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