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    At SmartBolt, we help secure important documents by offering services on file cabinets. Our locksmiths work with extensive lock and security systems.

    Of course, having all important documents secured is one way of avoiding issues.

    Security isn’t the only thing to consider, you also have to mind the capacity of your file cabinets. Luckily, SmartBolt locksmiths can help you in the selection and the installation.

    SmartBolt – Cabinet Services

    In a house or office, we tend to file things openly without caring about their degree of importance. Now, it is time to mind them and start doing adjustments. Here are our SmartBolt Cabinet Services:

    Replacement Keys and Locks

    Almost all office cabinets have locks to secure all documents. What will happen if these locks fail?

    Our locksmiths from SmartBolt can deal with a simple office lock issue. At SmartBolt, we can make duplicates to replace a lost key.

    Thus, we can create a factory-cut copy of the code located on the face of the cylindrical keyhole.

    To make the process faster, we can receive emails about the cabinet codes. If the codes are not visible, do not worry we can create a working key based on the lockset.

    Now, issues on the cabinet locks are a call away. Call SmartBolt and let our team deal with the whole process.

    Lock Selection and Installation

    If you want to have locks on your cabinets, call SmartBolt Locksmiths in Miami. We can do the selection and installation of locks based on the type and size of your cabinets.

    We have trained locksmiths that can do adjustments and installation at a faster speed. Thus, we ensure that the installed lock system can secure all documents placed inside it.

    Moreover, we ensure that we won’t damage your cabinets. With our years in the field, cabinet lock installation is an easy job.

    Call SmartBolt whenever you want to change locks or install a new one.

    Lock-out Services

    There are cases where we forgot where our key was. We often place it in an ambiguous location or at home.

    Office or home cabinets with important documents need utmost care. Lock-out issues can be frustrating during unexpected moments.

    No need to worry, SmartBolt Locksmith offers ock-out services. We can help you deal with the issue and even create a backup key based on the cabinet’s lock system.

    Call for a reliable and trusted locksmith from SmartBolt. We will deal with the issue and help in opening the cabinets.

    Lock Repair Services

    Not all office or home cabinets need replacements. Replacements happen to locks with extreme issues like glitches and corrosions.

    Normally, cabinet locks start to get frustrating due to old age. However, this issue is not the reason for installing a new one.

    Oftentimes, we just need to repair the whole cabinet lock system to have it work again. Furthermore, hiring a locksmith from SmartBolt is the easiest way of dealing with it.

    If your cabinet lock fails, call SmartBolt Locksmith in Miami. We will be at your service for professional repair service.

    The Right Cabinet Lock

    Most homes and offices have cabinets for securing documents. However, not all have security locks for confidentiality.

    There are various lock and cabinet designs in the market. Yet, it may take a paperclip of a small strip to open the cabinet.

    It is safer to choose the right cabinet and lock from the start. Of course, partnering with a reliable locksmith can make the whole process faster.

    We can help you select the best cabinet and lock combo. Also, installing it will no longer be an issue.

    File Security and Assurance

    Certain files need a high level of security and assurance. With this, a good lock system can do the trick.

    Since we are in the era of technology, smart locks have become a new trend. With this, all our documents are safe for keeping.

    When smart locks fail, it might be a bigger problem. No need to worry, locksmiths can do any lock repair.

    We know about various lock designs and can create back-ups at such critical moments. Call a reliable locksmith whenever your locks are malfunctioning.

    SmartBolt Locksmith for Cabinet Locks

    For years in the field, SmartBolt created a name in the locksmith industry. As a trusted company, we do our best to give you the best service we can offer.

    Also, all our locksmiths are professional repairers, installers, and inspectors. We offer various lock services that might be ideal for your needs.

    Call SmartBolt for the cabinet lock issues. We can help with the selection and installation of new locks. Also, we offer repairs for smart locks. Call us and we will be happy to help.

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